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Students Crossing Borders Leadership

Leaders Crossing Borders is a forum of students within the SCB community who provide leadership, input, and advice on programming, events, and planning within the community. All students are welcome to join in this team, formed annually at the start of the academic year.

The Community Advisor staff are supervised by the professional, live-in Residence Life staff of Middlebrook Hall:

Residence Director Stephanie Brownlee
Assistant Residence Director Ben Nielsen

The initiatives of the Students Crossing Borders community are supported by Housing’s International Committee in partnership with International Student and Scholar Services and the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance at the University of Minnesota. You can contact the Housing International Committee by sending an email to

Students Crossing Borders Community Advisors

Imtiaz Chowdhury
My name is Imtiaz and I am a junior majoring in Chemical Engineering. I am an international student from Dhaka, Bangladesh and I am here at U pursuing higher education. This is going to be my first year as a community advisor and I am extremely excited to be in SCB! I have been a resident at SCB during my first year and it has been an exhilarating adventure. This connection with SCB has inspired me to come back again and be a part of this wonderful community. The one thing I loved during my time at SCB was engaging with diverse group of people from different parts of the world and I am very much looking forward to meeting the residents and making new friends!

Kelsey Gierach
Hello, my name is Kelsey Gierach, and I will be one of the Community Advisors for the fourth floor. I am originally from the very small town of Mount Calvary, Wisconsin, but decided I wanted to experience the wide range of cultures a larger city like Minneapolis had to offer. I am currently a sophomore majoring in English and minoring in Italian. I’m very grateful for the opportunity being a Community Advisor offers to help students from different countries find their way gracefully throughout the upcoming academic year, and to assist them in their academic and social endeavors.

Anirudh Singh
Hey! My name is Anirudh, Ani for short, and I’m one of the Community Advisors for the 3rd floor of Middlebrook Hall. I am a sophomore international student at the U from India; majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I’ve had the pleasure being a resident of Students Crossing Borders during my freshman year of college. I had a great experience, which has helped me appreciate diversity even more, and I look forward to bringing that to the SCB community this year. Cheers!

Henisha Dhandhusaria
Hey there! My name is Henisha Dhandhusaria and I am the Community Advisor on the 3rdfloor this year. I’m a sophomore majoring in biomedical engineering. I moved to Minnesota from India when I was 5 years old but I’m still fluent in two different Indian languages. It is my first year being a CA and I’m excited that I’m in the Students Crossing Borders house! I hope that I will be one of many assets to students in furthering cross-cultural relationships. I value the friendships that have resulted from my time at the University of Minnesota and I hope to create a community where my residents will have the opportunity to create their own memories. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you!