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International Buddy Program: Buddy Information

As a new international student, you can apply for the International Buddy Program before the fall and spring semester. You will be matched with a current University of Minnesota student who can serve as a cultural bridge and provide guidance during your transition. Our goal is also to create an opportunity for students to learn about other cultures and points of view.

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After you apply and are admitted to the International Buddy Program you will:

  • Be contacted through email by a current UMN student (your mentor) one or two months before you arrive at the UMN
  • Receive email newsletters highlighting IBP updates and upcoming activities
  • Tour the University of Minnesota campus with your mentor and learn about important resources upon your arrival
  • Meet with your mentor once a week during your first month on campus to explore cultural differences or similarities in studying and living at the University of Minnesota compared to your home country
  • Join large group events throughout the semester with other new international students and other current U.S. and international UMN students

You are expected to commit to all of the above requirements in order to participate in the program. Your commitment is extremely important for the program’s success. Please be responsive to your mentor and IBP communications.

Matching will be based on:

  1. Different country of origin and cultural background.
  2. Same or similar college of study.
  3. Mentor's availability at the time of the buddies’ arrival.

Apply now to join the International Buddy Program for Spring 2021!

Please review the Buddy Guide before applying. We can only accept a limited number of students, so sign up now!

Questions: Please contact us through the International Buddy Program email at or visit our IBP Facebook Page.