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The International Student Success Program
Frequently Asked Questions

1: How early should I arrive in Minneapolis?

We recommend that you arrive in Minneapolis with enough time to get settled into your housing before the iSuccess program begins. You are required to arrive on campus by the noon on August 15 as program check-in will begin shortly thereafter.

2: Will you provide transportation from the airport?

If you arrive on August 15, the University of Minnesota has an airport pick up service for all UMN students. You can register for it online. If you are arriving early, please check for alternative airport transportation in the New Student section.

If you have questions about transportation, please e-mail the iSuccess program coordinator at

3: Where will I live during the iSuccess program?

You are responsible for finding your own housing during the iSuccess program. If you are new to the University of Minnesota Campus, we strongly recommend staying at the International Reception Center during the iSuccess program.

4: Will I have time to get settled in the U.S. while I’m in the program?

The program is structured to give you access to resources on housing, banking, and public transportation so that you have an easier transition to living in the U.S. However, please expect to be in programming from 9:00 am-6:00 pm each day. This will not leave much time to search for off-campus housing, etc. If you are planning to live off-campus we suggest that you start your housing search in your home country, and finish in the U.S. by visiting possible apartments before you sign a lease. As we have this very busy schedule, plan to find an apartment before or after iSuccess week.  See more information on finding off-campus housing.

5: Will I receive a grade or credit for my participation?

No. This program is ungraded and you will not receive academic credit for your participation. However, instructors will provide you with feedback in an effort to help you improve your language skills and better understand the expectations of U of M faculty during the regular school year.

6: Will I be assigned homework?

You will be assigned “homework”; however, these homework assignments are meant to give you an idea of what the expectations are (part of the simulated U.S. classroom experience) and will not be graded nor it will affect your future GPA.

7: How will I get my books and materials for the program?

All materials are included in the iSuccess fee and will be given to you during the program.

8: What is the attendance policy for the program?

In our experience, people who attend all classes end up getting the most benefit and enjoyment from the program.Therefore for your and your classmates’ benefit, we ask you to fully attend all iSuccess sessions. If you are unable to attend on a specific day, please make sure you talk the iSuccess coordinator first.

9: What social events are included in the program?

We have many fun events, including an opening reception, a day at the lake, field trips to local attractions, and a closing lunch and river cruise. All of these events are included in your registration fee.

10 : How is this program different from other orientation programs?

We are unique in that we offer a customized pre-orientation program that is tailored for new and returning international students interested in getting the most out of their University experience. iSuccess offers undergraduate and graduate students general guidance on moving to the U.S and adapting to life in the Twin Cities. Our program also focuses on your pre-departure needs by providing personalized pre-arrival consultations, semester long mentorship and simulated classroom experiences.

11: How do I apply for iSuccess if I have not received a Student ID #?

Your student ID is a seven-digit number. The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities uses this number as part of your student record. If you have applied for admission, you already have a student ID number. If you can’t remember it, contact Admissions by telephone, at 612-625-2008 or 1-800-752-1000, Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. You can also email admissions for a response within two business days.

12: How do I pay for the iSuccess Program? 

Students will be charged after they have completed the iSuccess program. Charges will be placed on your Student Account, and you will be able to see all University related charges when Fall semester starts.

13: Will the program cover meal costs?

iSuccess will provide light breakfast from Tuesday to Friday, and will provide a welcome dinner on Monday. There will be occasional lunches and snacks covered by the program. All of this information will be listed in your program syllabus and discussed on your first day of the program start date. 

14: Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Please contact Marina Uehara, Program Coordinator for the iSuccess Program, at or 1-612-624-7381. There will be Facebook groups created closer to the start of the program, as well as WeChat groups.