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Cancellation Policy

Participants who wish to cancel their registration must email us at and submit a cancel registration request message.

Participants will continue to accrue non-recoverable costs based on the chart below until official notification is received. Do not assume your registration is cancelled until you receive confirmation of your request via email from iSuccess staff.

Participants are responsible for all program fees until notification is received by iSuccess staff at International Student and Scholar Services. Institutions paying on behalf of the participant are responsible for all program fees until official notice of cancellation by the student is received by International Student and Scholar Services. It is the student’s responsibility to also notify the institution paying their program fees of their cancellation from the program.

Financial Obligation

The $100 application fee and confirmation deposit for iSuccess are non-refundable.
The iSuccess Program reserves space for the participant upon receipt of the Registration Form. At this point, the iSuccess Program incurs certain non-recoverable costs. Therefore, any participant who cancels at any time after the Registration Form has been received will be responsible for the following:

Cancellation Period & Amount Due

Cancellation Period Amount Due

Before June 1


June 1-June 30


July 1 –August 2


August 3 and after

Full program fee

Appeal for Refund

Students have the option to appeal the Cancellation Policy when cancelling for extenuating circumstances. The Appeal for Refund Process details the process.

The information contained in this Cancellation Policy supersedes any verbal or other written information that anyone may receive regarding this policy.