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The International Student Success Program
Writing Workshop

Are you concerned about all the writing you need to do at the University of Minnesota?
One full day of the iSuccess program will be devoted to preparing students for the practice and expectations of U.S. academic writing for graduate and undergraduate students.
The key focus of this course is on how to write formally and how to be precise, concise, and direct, so you sound sophisticated in writing in your field.

This one-day hands-on workshop will help you:

  • Understand and practice meeting the expectations of U.S. academic writing
  • Know the writing resources in your field and on campus for on-going improvement
  • Become familiar with the conventions of documentation to avoid plagiarism (a major problem for many students new to the U.S. university academic system).
  • Learn very difficult grammar points of English such as article use, prepositions, and use of verb tenses

For the past 10 years, this popular writing workshop has prepared hundreds of international students for their education journey and received strong positive feedback from students.

About the Instructor 
Sheryl Holt has been teaching professional communication skills to international students at the University of Minnesota for over 30 years. She is a specialist in undergraduate, graduate, and professional writing, and business communication skills. She has also published several materials, including DVDs and textbooks, with a focus on writing, pronunciation, grammar, and presentation skills for diverse populations and advanced non-native speakers of English. Sheryl is an experienced instructor, coach, and trainer, teaching classes, seminars and workshops throughout the US and around the world in places such as Brazil, Turkey, Czech Republic, China, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

Are you unable to attend the full iSuccess program?

Are you a graduate student and you are unable to attend the Writing Workshop section of the iSuccess Program?
Check out the Student Writing Support website for additional resources.