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International Student Funding Appeals Process

If your application for Need-Based Academic Support has been denied, or if your award has been withdrawn or reduced, you have the opportunity to appeal the decision. To do so, you must submit an appeal form and additional documentation which was not included in your initial application. You are encouraged to consult with an International Student Funding Counselor before you file the appeal so that the appeal process can be explained.

The Appeals Committee will then consider your case. The International Student Funding Counselors are not members of the Appeals Committee. Please be aware that your appeal will not be considered if you do not provide additional information or documentation.

The ISSS Funding and Appeals Committee members do not meet with students in-person for appeals. If you have questions or concerns about your appeal or application, you must speak with an International Student Funding Counselor. Appeals are only considered if an individual submits an Appeal Form with new information or documentation. You will be notified of the appeal decision by email within approximately one week of the ISSS Appeals Committee meeting. Please be aware that all decisions made by the Appeals Committee are final.

Documentation Needed

If your financial situation has changed since you submitted your initial application, and you are requesting additional aid from ISSS, you should submit documents that can prove the change in your financial situation. This could include bank statements (both from your account in the U.S. and your source of funding at home), letters, court certificates, medical bills, and police reports.

The supporting documentation needed varies from case to case, and you are encouraged to discuss your situation with an International Student Funding Counselor before you submit the appeal.