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Information for the UMN Community
Regarding Fall 2020 and Coronavirus

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We ask our colleagues across the campus to show deep support, compassion and flexibility for our University’s international students and scholars, their families, and communities who have been impacted by the coronavirus. 

Please continue to visit this webpage to learn what international students and scholars are experiencing, the impacts to their daily lives, and, most importantly, how you can provide support.

The only way to fight this virus is to come together to confront this crisis head-on as one, united, global community. Now is the time for us to come together, to unite across our differences, and to protect one another.

What International Students and Scholars Are Experiencing

International students and scholars are needing to balance the questions all students are facing currently with other factors including:

  • Recent travel restrictions that limit their ability to travel home to family.
  • Stress and difficulty when students and scholars have friends and family back home facing challenges due to the virus. 
  • Heightened feelings of stress and difficulties with studying or working. 
  • Being targeted by harmful or hateful behaviors such as bias and discrimination from others in the community and learning about acts occurring elsewhere.
  • Uncertainty with the potential impact on their immediate plans such as employment, financial security, whether friends/family will be able to attend graduation, and extended housing if they are unable to travel home over the summer or after graduation.

ISSS Announcements About Scholars, Student-Interns, and International Employees