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It is essential that you take action to remove the registration holds that are on your student record before your registration time. You can see a list of the holds on your record by going to MyU and looking at the "Holds" tab (learn how here). You will not be allowed to register for classes until these holds are removed.

Many international students have at least two holds on their records as part of admission to the University, and you will not be allowed to register until these holds are removed.

Below is a list of holds you should know about and instructions about their removal.

AI Hold (“Determine Visa Status”)

All new international students have this hold. The University is required to maintain a file with information about the legal status of each international student at the University. ISSS will remove this hold after you complete the International Student Preparation Course and attend Immigration Check-In. Please remember that if you do not complete these two requirements, the AI hold will prevent you from registering for classes.

AZ Hold (“ESL, English/Second Language”)

To clear this hold, please visit the Minnesota English Language Program in 20 Nicholson Hall or call 612-624-1503. State that you need to have your AZ hold released. To do this, you may have to take an English proficiency test, the Minnesota Battery Test, or register for a class.

Be sure to visit this office at least one day before your scheduled orientation. Bring any recent transcripts or English proficiency test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, or MELAB). Depending on your test scores, you may be required to take some ESL classes.

RS Hold (“New Student Approval”)

This hold is for undergraduate students who are required to attend a college orientation program. You will also attend your Immigration Check-In as part of your orientation program. To remove this hold, attend your college orientation program at the scheduled time. You should receive information about your college orientation after you confirm your enrollment. If you do not receive this information, contact your college office or visit

MG and MJ Holds (“Grad School Final Degree Transcript and Master Transcript”)

A few international graduate students have this hold. These holds are usually placed if the Graduate School needs a transcript or other record to complete your admission file. Visit the Graduate School to inquire about removing these holds.

Graduate Admission Office
309 Johnston Hall
101 Pleasant St. SE
See map to Johnston Hall