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J – 1 Students

Student on J-1 Visa

An individual who is studying in the United States, and pursuing a full course of study at a U.S. educational institution.

NOTE: A Student-Intern (also on a J-1 visa) is in the United States to receive training in his or her major field of study. Student-Interns are enrolled in at least a Bachelor’s-level degree program abroad. Please see our Student-Intern page for more information and how to apply.


  • Student must be taking part in an exchange program
  • Supported substantially by funding that is sponsored from sources, (i.e. home government, U.S. government, U of MN TA/RA, scholarships, etc.) that is not personal or family funds.

The J-1 Student may be valid for the time required to complete a degree program or up to 24 months for non-degree programs.

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