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Weekend & alternative break travel

Instead of staying on the campus, spend your winter, spring, or summer break traveling and learning about social or environmental issues.

This program provides low-cost opportunities to join with other University of Minnesota students in traveling to other locations, mostly in the US, to gain a better understanding of the world outside the campus. Participants become part of a learning community while interacting with a wide variety of local people.

Trips take place during winter, spring, and summer breaks. Each trip goes to a different location and focuses on a different theme. (In addition to trips within the US, a few each year go to international destinations.) Past examples include AIDS in San Francisco, Immigration in Miami, Homelessness in New York, and Border Issues in San Diego/Tijuana.

A number of trips with an environmental focus—during weekends as well as breaks—involve canoeing, camping, etc.

All trips are planned and led by students, with assistance from YMCA staff.

These trips are very inexpensive compared with most travel opportunities in the US.

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