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Community Involvement


Service-learning takes place in academic courses that include a requirement or option to work with a community organization in a way that supports your classroom learning. Academic assignments assure that students will reflect systematically on the relationship between the course themes and their experiences working in a community organization. Try a service-learning course; you might love it!.

Typically each semester thirty or more University of Minnesota courses include a service-learning component. When you register next time, consider taking one of these courses. Although most such courses are in the College of Liberal Arts, several other colleges offer them as well. See a list of courses here.

Of service-learning students surveyed between Fall 2004 and Fall 2007:

  • Over 86% agreed or strongly agreed that service-learning enriched their overall educational experience and deepened their knowledge of diverse communities
  • Over 88% agreed or strongly agreed that service-learning made them think about social issues in new ways
  • Over 90% agreed or strongly agreed that service-learning helped them to understand the value of actively participating in the community
  • Over 93% planned to participate in community work in the future.
  • Over 86% would recommend their service-learning course to other students.