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Departure from the U.S.A : Permanent Departure from the University of Minnesota

SEVIS Notification

The University is required to notify SEVIS when a student is no longer enrolled at the institution.  SEVIS requires a reason any time a student’s record is terminated and it’s important that the correct reason (i.e., departed the U.S., changed status, etc.) be provided. The reason remains a permanent part of the record and may have an affect on a student’s future eligibility to enter the U.S. DHS regulations state that an absence from the U.S. of 5 months or longer constitutes a permanent departure, even if the student has maintained enrollment. Please inform ISSS of your situation as it pertains to your permanent departure from the University of Minnesota.

Note: Departures of less than 5 months from the U.S. over the break periods or the summer vacation period do not need to be reported to ISSS.

Withdrawal from Program
  • A student who has elected to permanently withdraw from the program of study should consult with an ISSS adviser before cancelling classes. Regulations require that a student obtain prior approval from ISSS before withdrawing. This will allow the student to be considered legally present in the U.S. for a period of 15 days from the date of withdrawal. It also insures that the student’s SEVIS record is terminated with the correct termination reason.
  • Students may be able to arrange a Leave of Absence with their college if they plan to resume the program of study in the future.
  • The I-20 will not be valid for entry into the U.S. after a student has permanently withdrawn from the program. Students who elect to resume the program of study at a later date will need to request a new I-20 from ISSS.
Suspension from Program
  • Suspension will be electronically reported to SEVIS.
  • The I-20 will be cancelled as a result of the suspension and cannot be used for reentry into the U.S.
  • Consult with an ISSS adviser regarding your options.
Completion of a Program of Study
  • SEVIS requires that students notify ISSS of their completion date and the date of their departure from the U.S. Email ISSS or call ISSS at 612-626-7100 and ask to speak with an adviser. This insures that a student’s departure from the U.S. is properly recorded on their SEVIS record.
  • Students who have completed a program of study have a 60-day grace period in which to depart the U.S.
Transfer to a New School
  • A student’s SEVIS record must be electronically transferred to the new school before the new school can create an I-20.
  • Consult with an ISSS adviser regarding intent to transfer and to determine a SEVIS “transfer release date”.
  • Students who have applications pending at multiple schools should not request a SEVIS transfer until the student has decided which school s/he will attend.
Change in Visa Status
  • F-1 students who change their visa status (i.e., to H-1B, F-2, J-1, Permanent Resident, etc.) and who may or may not continue their program of study should notify ISSS immediately. ISSS will ask for a faxed copy of the new status.
  • ISSS will terminate the individual’s SEVIS record based on the change in status.