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F – 1 Students

F-1 School/Visa Transfer:

Transfer to the University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota cannot process your I-20 until the international student adviser at your current school processes an electronic transfer of your SEVIS record. Discuss with your international student adviser the “transfer release date”. That date should be the date that you no longer have ties to your current school (i.e., classes, employment).

Procedure at Current School:

  • Meet with the international student adviser at your current school to discuss your intent to transfer schools and to determine a SEVIS “transfer release date”.
  • Ask your international student adviser to process a “transfer release” in SEVIS for you to attend the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Note: You must be certain that it’s the University of Minnesota to which you want to transfer. If you have admission applications pending at other schools you may wish to attend, do not request the transfer release until you have made a final decision on the school you want to transfer to.
  • Have your international student adviser complete the Transfer Release form and fax or mail it to ISSS at the University of Minnesota.
  • If you have violated your legal status, you will not be eligible to have your SEVIS record transferred. The University of Minnesota will issue you an I-20 that you must use to a) reenter the U.S. to regain legal status or b) apply to the Dept of Homeland Security for Reinstatement of legal status. ISSS staff will review your options with you and provide you with further information.

Procedure at the University of Minnesota

  • On or after the transfer release date and based on receipt of the Transfer Release form, the University of Minnesota will be able to access your SEVIS record and prepare a ‘Transfer Pending’ I-20. Note: The I-20 cannot be prepared unless ISSS has received the Transfer Release form and your Financial Certification Statement.
  • If you are traveling outside the US between attendance at your previous school and the U of M, you will receive a ‘Transfer Pending’ I-20 to be used for re-entry.  This I-20 is issued by the Office of Admissions of your college approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the release date indicated on your Transfer Release form.
  • Upon your arrival on the campus of the University of Minnesota, report to ISSS for Immigration Check-In. Bring your passport, I-94, previous I-20(s), U of MN I-20, a copy of the Transfer Release form, and your letter of admission. If you have been pursuing Optional Practical Training, please bring your EAD.

Completion of the Transfer Process

Important Notice:

Your "transfer pending I–20" is a temporary I-20 and expires the 15th day of the semester. You must obtain your "transfer completed I–20" by the 15th day of the term.

The transfer process cannot be completed until:

  • A transfer release has been processed in SEVIS by your previous school
  • ISSS has received the Transfer Release form
  • You have submitted to the University a Financial Certification Statement
  • You have participated in Immigration Check-In at ISSS
  • You have enrolled full–time at the University of Minnesota
  • You have updated your current mailing address to a Minnesota address on the OneStop website.