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Yu "Star"

Degree: B.S.B. Accounting, Finance and MIS, CSOM  
Graduate Date: May 2015
Employer: A Consulting Firm (MN)
Position: ERS Consultant


What is your job?
I am a consultant focusing on technology risks. I advise on the company's financial information systems based on compliance requirements and risk appetite.

How did you get the job?
Through a series of networking events and with my previous consulting internship experiences, I was recruited as an intern. The company extended my appointment with a full-time offer, and I accepted it.

What was most helpful for your career development?
I used numerous resources to help me along the way. The most beneficial one, I believe, is the Undergraduate Business Career Center in Carlson. The staff members were helpful, and the opportunities they provided were invaluable. They organized some mentorship events, which I believe were very helpful to my career search. With my mentors, I was able to explore various career paths.

In addition to the career resources, I was involved in numerous on-campus and off-campus professional organizations. I obtained invaluable experiences through these involvements, which enhanced my skills and knowledge.

What advice do you have for current international students?
My advice for current international students would be to get involved. I realized that some students are too intimidated to break out of their social circles. It is important to discover something that you are interested in. Finding people with same or similar interests and drive that passion into success is very critical. Being engaged in activities that are challenging will help one grow.