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Degree: B.S.B. Accounting, CSOM
Graduation Date: May 2012
Employer: A Social Media Management Software Company (NY)
Position: Associate Analyst


What is your job?
I am an analyst within my company's Strategy & Analytics department. I provide our clients with a range of services ranging from strategic frameworks around how to utilize social media to achieve business objectives to actually analyzing complex data sets to garner insights into how audiences perceive a particular brand.

How did you get the job?
I cold-contacted several industry professionals in the Social Media space, one of whom ended up referring me to a position within the company. The position wasn't even made public at the time and my background in Accounting was, certainly, out of the ordinary, but fortunately I was able to show how my skillsets were directly applicable to the position.

What was helpful for your career development?
Building relationships with different groups of people was most helpful for me. I joined several cultural groups and a Fraternity during my freshman year, and I met a lot of the people who were successful in their respective fields. It helped me both with my technical and interpersonal skills. These experiences forced me to grow as a leader and get used to operating in high-pressure environments; a lot of these extra-curricular activities were actually harder than my schoolwork!  Answering the interview question "Tell us a time when you experienced...." became easy as I had plenty of stories to pull from.

What advice do you have for current international students?
Figure out a general direction of what you want to do early on and how the visa rules impact that. Don't just learn the mechanics of the job search process (writing a resume, applying, etc.) but be genuinely curious of the fields you may be entering. Recruiters will definitely spot you if you come to an interview without real questions for them... This signals that you're just applying to get any job you can vs. expressing a real interest. Finally, build experiences... not resume bullet points. These will give you the necessary background/skillsets to pull from and get you comfortable in sharing your story with people.