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Degree: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, CSE 
Graduation Date: May 2012 
Employer: An Engineering Company (CA)
Position: Sprinkler System Designer


What is your job?
I am a sprinkler system designer. I design new sprinkler system, the automatic fire extinguisher systems in new or existing buildings.

How did you get the job?
I started an internship in 2011 and when I graduated, they offered me a full-time job. I moved to California for a different company, but I have the same job.

What was helpful for your career development?
For me, friends were most helpful. One of my friends got a job in a company, and he recommended me to his boss. He helped me with knowing all about their company. I went to career centers on campus too, but I got the best results when I consulted with my friends in the field in terms of securing interviews. I met my friends in class, and we were together in a computer lab all the time. We went out together and got really close. Most of my friends were born here in the U.S., and they were the most helpful for my job search.

What advice do you have for current international students?
Make friends! Be friends with classmates or meet people in campus events. I went out with classmates and got to be their friends. Friendship happens outside of class.

Besides that, I would say 'Don't give up'. There are many turn downs, and you could doubt yourself. But really keep trying until you get an offer. Being persistent is really important when you job search.

Another tip is to be flexible and take the opportunity that comes first because that can get you to another opportunity. You need to be balanced between what you want to do and what comes to you.