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Degree: B.S.B. MIS, CSOM 
Graduation Date: May 2014 
Employer: A Power-generation Product Firm (MN)
Position: IT Business Analyst


What is your job?
I am an IT business analyst in a power-generation project company.

How did you get the job?
I followed the on-campus recruiting process. I met with them at the Career Fair, and attended the information session after that. We interviewed on campus for the first round, and then had the second round interview over the phone almost 6 months later.

What was helpful for your career development?
All schools at the University offer Career Services, and they have these wonderful services that no one knows about. They check your resume and make it more suitable for your major, and you can talk to them about what you're looking for. Having a job right after school isn't for everyone; some people want to do research or they want to do graduate school. Career Services can really look at your resume and tailor it according to what you want.

What advice do you have for current international students?
Start early! Know what you're going for because, like I said, getting a job after school isn't for everyone. Start getting in touch with people early and use the resources, your colleges and career coaches. Start building your network and reach out to people. The response rate isn't going to be a hundred percent for informational interviews but keep at it. The more time you spend on it, the better you get.