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Academic Help and Resources

Get the academic help you need! Here is useful information about classes, on-line resources, and campus services that can help you be academically successful at the University of Minnesota.

Offices and Websites with Academic Resources

  1. Student Academic Success Services (SASS)
    340 Appleby Hall
    Phone: 612-624-3323
    • study skill resources
    • workshops
    • individual help
    • LASk academic skill courses (listed above)
  2. Center for Writing
    15 Nicholson Hall
    Phone: 612-625-1893
    • free feedback and editing of papers and other writing
    • advice on avoiding plagiarism
    • individual help
  3. Smart Learning Commons
    Many locations
    Phone: 612-624-2125
    • tutors in many subjects
    • a space to study and ask questions
    • help with test preparation
  4. Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence (MCAE)
    140 Appleby Hall
    Phone: 612-624-6386
    • tutors in many subjects
    • study groups
    • multicultural understanding
  5. The Center for Academic Planning and Exploration (CAPE)
    233 Appleby Hall, 128 Pleasant St. SE
    Phone: 612-624-3076
    • help for undecided majors
    • career coaching
    • individual help
  6. Minnesota English Language Program (MELP)
    101 Wesbrook Hall
    Phone: 612-624-1503
    • ESL classes in listening, speaking, reading, composition, and grammar
    • a mid-semester class for academic English (listed above)
  7. Tutoring - College of Science and Engineering
    College of Science and Engineering, Office of Academic Advising
    128 Lind Hall
    Phone: 612-624-2890
    • individual tutoring in IT field
    • study groups
    • exam review
    • workshops
    • writing support
    • test preparation (MCAT, GRE, TOEFL, etc.)
  8. Student Parent HELP Center
    24 Appleby Hall
    Phone: 612-626-1762
    • support for undergraduate students who have children
    • weekly parent support group
    • child care resources
    • child care assistance grants, academic scholarships
  9. Student Conflict Resolution Center
    254 Appleby Hall
    Phone: 612-624-7272
    • Assist student resolve campus- base problems and concerns
    • Assist with grading and instructional complains
    • Assist with academic appeals
    • Assist with scholastic misconduct issues
  10. University Libraries web site
    Wilson, Walter, Bio-medical, Magrath and Anderson
    • Barrow materials
    • Access to Computer workstation
    • Printing services
    • Workstation and tutorials
  11. Techniques in Learning and Teaching
    400 University office plaza Building
    phone: 612-626-3041
    • Technical in Learning and Teaching


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