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Online Help for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Online modules are available which offer you education and skills on how to manage symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress from the privacy of your home with feedback from trained mental health staff.

The program consists of:

  • Interactive learning modules
  • Informational videos
  • Facts and quizzes about mental health
  • Secure online journaling that will be reviewed by a trained supporter
  • Skills on how to manage symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Online support and feedback from a trained supporter

These online programs are being offered as an alternative to in-person individual and group counseling as part of a collaboration of University of Minnesota programs partnering with researchers in the Department of Psychology and SilverCloud Health for a limited time, as a part of a research study.

If you are a currently registered student at the UMN and interested in learning more, please email Drew Smith.
No in-person appointment is required to sign-up for the program.