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Support Services

ISSS offers many services to international students and scholars to encourage and support a successful academic experience at the University of Minnesota. Along with the programing and the advising, our staff provides a variety of support services as well.

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Academic Counseling and Support

ISSS Academic Counselors provide one-on-one assistance for international students. They can help students adjust to the academic culture at the UMN and in the United States, understand classroom expectations, improve study skills, and identify other resources for support.

Career Support and Workshops

Career LogoISSS Career Support assists international students in preparing for and carrying out a successful job search so they can achieve their career goals.



ISSS counselors are trained to provide both counseling and advising. Counseling usually involves a more in-depth meeting than advising.

International Student Funding Program

In an effort to assist international students who are experiencing financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances, ISSS offers a very limited amount of funding to international students at the U of MN-Twin Cities campus.

Taxes Orientation & Workshops

Overviews the tax preparation software that ISSS provides to all students and scholars. This annual February orientation features presenters from the IRS and Minnesota Department of Revenue. They discuss the return process and the state income tax program.