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Grad 999 Registration requirements
Clarification of Grad 999 Registration Option :

The Graduate School requires all graduate students to register for both Fall and Spring semesters in order to remain in active status. For this purpose, Grad 999 was created as a zero-credit, zero-fee, non-graded registration option. Students who choose to register for Grad 999 will maintain their status as active students with the Graduate School only. You may, however, have other registration requirements that must be considered as well.

International students who enroll in Grad 999 must file a Reduced Course Load Form and submit the form to ISSS before the beginning of the semester to maintain their legal status. For details about when to use Grad 999 please visit the following Graduate School web site: Graduate School Registration Requirement.

Graduate students who hold an assistantship are not allowed to register for Grad 999. If you have a non-assistantship student job, you can register for Grad 999 as long as you show your signed Reduced Course Load Form to the Student Job Center.

Those graduate assistants who have completed all coursework and thesis credits should register for the one-credit FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) option. The ISSS Reduced Course Load Form and the SGARS (Special Graduate Assistant Registration Status Request form) are not required with this registration option.

However, if a graduate assistant registers for less than 6 credits in course and/or thesis credits, the SG ARS form is required as well as the ISSS Reduced Course Load Form.