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Change of Address
Special Registration AR-11 SR

Individuals affected by Special Registration must report changes of address and university transfers within 10 days of the change. Address changes and university transfers can be reported via the SEVIS system alone for F-1 and J-1 visa holders. Changes of universities will be also reported in the SEVIS system through normal transfer procedures.

However, all other foreign nationals, including US permanent residents, who are on visa status other than F-1 and J-1 and affected by Special Registration, must file AR-11SR within 10 days of moving. Also, if F-2/J-2 dependents are living in the US separately from the F-1/J-1, and if the dependents are affected by Special Registration, the dependents must file AR-11SR when they move to another address. They must do so within 10 days of moving.

Please see the ISSS website for specific address change notification instructions for various visa types.

Please See Guidelines for Completing the AR-11

Failure to Comply:

Any affected individual who fails to comply with these requirements may lose his or her legal status and may be deported.