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Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence Applications for U of M Faculty & Staff

Tenured and Tenure-Track Teaching Faculty

ISSS handles Permanent Residency applications for tenured and tenure-track teaching faculty. See PR Applications for Tenure-track Teaching Faculty at the University of Minnesota for basic information.

All Other Job Categories

Persons in other full-time, permanent positions may qualify to apply for Permanent Residence either by self-petition or through the University of Minnesota (petition by employer).  See "Employment-based Green Card Avenues for Academics in Higher Education” for the most common avenues.

University departments who decide to pursue a PR petition (submitted by employer) must work with the University Office of General Counsel (OGC) and a private immigration attorney.  OGC handles the eligibility of the position and the clearance of private attorneys in such cases.  Please see the OGC policy and procedure

Applicants and their departments can work with OGC attorney Barbara Shiels and and paralegal Kathleen Bitterly (626-9047).

Click here for information on Immigration Attorneys and Law Practices.