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Instructions for Department

As the office designated to handle visa issues for the U of MN, ISSS works with department representatives to prepare employment-based visa petitions. The Department Administrative Contact is our primary point of contact, and is responsible for facilitating the application process with the prospective employee. 

Department Administrative Contact

This process can be used for both new and continuing H-1B, E-3, and TN applications applications:

  1. Consult ISSS or refer to the Visa Options for Employment Eligibility chart to determine the appropriate visa status.
  2. Read the ISSS website, especially the H-1B Processing Times, which includes an explanation that Premium Processing may be required at any time. If transferring H-1B status from another employer, see additional information.
  3. Collect the following information from the employee (this will be required for step #5):
    • Complete passport name
    • Gender
    • Email address
    • Phone number and address
    • Date of birth
    • Country of citizenship
    • Current immigration status and expiration date
    • Proposed start date and proposed job title with the University of Minnesota
    • Employee’s travel plans
    • If spouse/children are in the U.S. and need dependent status, provide passport name, relation and gender of dependent(s)
    • If the individual currently or previously held J visa status, determine whether they are subject to the 2-year home residence requirement. Please include any relevant comments in the "Notes/Comments" section in step #5.
  4. If the prospective employee does not yet have an PeopleSoft ID, an ID must be created. See instructions: Creating PeopleSoft IDs for Non-Immigrant Visa Holders.
  5. Complete the INSZoom* Employee Intake Information questionnaire. This must be completed by the Department Administrative Contact.
    • Complete both the “Principal Applicant’s Information” and “Department Information” pages.
    • Include any other notes that you believe would be helpful for ISSS to know.
    • After entering notes/comments (if applicable), select the “Click Here to Submit” button. If you don’t, ISSS will not be notified of your submission.
  6. ISSS will assign a case type and will send separate “Starter Kit” emails to the Department Administrative Contact and the employee. The case type determines which documents are required and what to do upon approval of the application. Please contact ISSS if you do not receive a starter kit email within 2-3 days.
  7. The Department Administrative Contact and the employee complete their respective questionnaires and submit them online to ISSS.
    • The system allows 30 days for completion of the questionnaires. Contact us if you need additional time.
    • To keep a copy of a completed questionnaire, print it before hitting the submit button.
  8. The Department Administrative Contact collects the required documents from the employee and submits all documents at the same time to: 
  9. H-1B Case Manager
    International Student and Scholar Services
    University of Minnesota
    190 Hubert H. Humphrey School 
    301 19th Ave. South
    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455

  10. ISSS prepares the application after receiving the completed questionnaires and required documents. If documentation is missing or questions arise, ISSS will email the Department Administrative Contact and/or the employee.
  11. ISSS emails the Department Administrative Contact and the employee when the application is sent to USCIS. At this point, the ISSS Administrative Fee is charged to the Department EFS account.
  12. ISSS emails the Department Administrative Contact and the employee when the USCIS receipt arrives. ISSS will provide the receipt number for tracking case status online with USCIS.
  13. ISSS notifies the Department Administrative Contact when the I-797 Approval Notice arrives.
  14. If the employee is not in the United States, he/she must apply for a visa.
  15. The employee must present the I-797 Approval Notice to payroll to complete a Form I-9.

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