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H-1B &
Permanent Residence

Obtaining/Extending Status


H-1B status may be extended for current UMN employees who have not used the full 6 years of available H-1B status. This is a cumulative total, inclusive of all H-1B employers. Under certain conditions, it is possible to obtain H-1B extensions beyond the 6-year maximum for an individual who has begun the process of filing for U.S. permanent residence. Please consult with ISSS about particular cases.

UMN Procedures Upon Submission of Petition

If the UMN has filed the extension application before the expiration of the current H-1B status, the employee may continue working for a period not to exceed 240 days beginning on the date of expiration of the previous H-1B status. When the H-1B petition has been sent to USCIS, ISSS will input a 240-day grace period (Renewal in Progress) into the Visa Permit Data panel of PeopleSoft on a future-dated row. This will allow payroll to see that the extension application is pending.

Note: Due to the fact that the Renewal in Progress is shown on a future-dated row, the employee will continue to show up with an expiration date on the Payroll Foreign National Expiring Warning Report until the last day that their previous H-1B status is valid. Department payroll staff may, therefore, wish to view the individual Visa Permit Data panel to make sure Renewal in Progress has been entered by ISSS.

Upon Approval

After the I-797 Approval Notice is received, the employee must complete an I-9 prior to the I-797 Approval Notice start date (or immediately, if the I-797 Approval Notice start date has passed).