University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota

H-1B &
Permanent Residence

Obtaining/Extending Status

Change of Status

Employees already in the U.S. on another nonimmigrant status may be able to change status to H-1B. Employees and departments should consult closely with ISSS about the timing of the change of status and the job start date, any international travel during this period, and eligibility factors such as:

  • Whether the employee is subject to the J-1 two-year home country requirement
  • Whether the employee is currently working at the U of M, and if so, whether the job title will remain the same or change for the H-1B application
  • Whether the employee has maintained his/her current legal status (this is required to be eligible for a change of status)

Upon Approval

Employees who are new to the Twin Cities area and/or unfamiliar with H-1B status requirements are invited to schedule an optional appointment with an H-1B Advisor. Employees may be interested in the Office of Human Resources Relocation Assistance Program. Additional information about campus and local resources is available on the ISSS website.

Employees must complete an I-9 prior to the I-797 Approval Notice start date.