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Global Scholar Profiles Highlighting the University of Minnesota's International Scholars

About Global Scholar Profiles

ISSS seeks to build and inspire the university’s international community. We wish to recognize and highlight international scholars (researchers, faculty, staff, and administrators) who have made significant contributions to the University of Minnesota and/or to their academic discipline through our Global Scholar Profiles. These profiles serve to shine the spotlight on our international scholars, our U of MN departments, and the important research and service they offer to the university and global community.

Who can be nominated?

Scholars who have been at the University of Minnesota on a non-immigrant visa (J-1, H, TN, E-3, O-1) within the past year may be nominated. Full-time U of MN students on student visas are not eligible for nomination at this time.

Who can nominate an individual?

Anyone in the university community may nominate an individual for recognition through the Global Scholar Profiles. We encourage nominations from Department Heads, Principal Investigators, Faculty Mentors, Human Resources representatives and other personnel who work most closely with the international scholar. Self-nominations are accepted with at least one supporting letter from the individual’s supervisor. ISSS will obtain permission from the hosting department and the scholar before publishing any profiles.

How will this information be used?

If you are nominating another individual, the information you submit will not be anonymous. ISSS will contact the nominated individual for confirmation and permission. Global Scholar Profiles may be shared through the ISSS website, social media, and other Global Programs and Strategy Alliance internal and external publications as appropriate. The nominator’s contact information will not be published.

Overview of Global Scholar Profile nomination process:

  1. Nomination form is submitted to ISSS
  2. ISSS reviews nomination. If selected, scholar will be contacted for more information and permission to publish a profile
  3. If approved by ISSS committee, ISSS will publish the Global Scholar Profile.

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