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Global Scholar Profiles: Highlighting the U of M’s International Scholars

Dr. Henrik S Wilberg
Division of the Humanities, University of Minnesota-Morris

Dr. Henrik Wilberg,has been an Assistant Professor of German at the University of Minnesota-Morris since 2016 after he completed his Ph.D. in German Literature and Critical Thought from Northwestern University. Dr. Wilberg contributes to UMM and to the German Studies program, in particular, through his expert teaching of language, literature and culture courses that demonstrate the broad scope of his intellectual inquiry.
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Dr. Mohammadmahdi (Mahdi) Malmali
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Dr. Mohammadmahdi (Mahdi) Malmali joined the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at University of Minnesota in 2016, and he serves as a Postdoctoral Associate. Dr. Malmali has built and operated a research facility that allows his research team to show the potential for devices that can accomplish the small-scale, distributed, safe manufacture of ammonia from air, water, and renewable energy.
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Ezequiel Marron
Department of Pharmacology

Dr. Ezequiel Marron joined the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Minnesota in 2013, and he currently holds a "Researcher 7" position. Dr. Marron's research is currently focused on the neuro-adaptations that occur in the brain following exposure to psychostimulants (such as cocaine), the reasoning being that a better understanding of these adaptations is required to thoughtfully develop new and effective treatments to prevent or even reverse drug addiction. Read more …

Irena Niedźwiecka-Filipiak
Center for Rural Design

Irena Niedźwiecka-Filipiak's efforts in Poland to find the design connections that link urban and rural landscapes together using green infrastructure, tourism and cultural heritage concepts to shape the rural landscape are exemplary. With a grant from Kosciuszko Foundation in Poland, she was a visiting scholar at the Center for Rural Design.  Read more …

Chih-Hui Chang
Department of Kinesiology

Dr. Chang’s ongoing relationship with the UMN began when she received her PhD in Kinesiology here. She conducted ground-breaking research on the role of aging in the ability to use manual wielding to perceive properties of objects. Read more …

Vitaliy Shyyan

Katinka Beker
Department of Educational Psychology
The Netherlands

Katinka Beker is a doctoral student from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and joins the Department of Educational Psychology for Fall 2014 semester as a visiting scholar. Ms. Beker’s research interests include cognitive processes in reading comprehension. Read more …

Vitaliy Shyyan

Dr. Vitaliy Shyyan
Institute on Community Integration

Dr. Vitaliy Shyyan, originally from Ukraine, is a Research Associate at the National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO) at the Institute on Community Integration (ICI) in the College of Education and Human Development. Dr. Shyyan works with state departments of education to improve the accessibility of assessments for diverse students. Read more ….

Mandy Bai

Mandy Bai
China Center
People’s Republic of China

As the Assistant Director at the U of MN China Center, Mandy Bai drives the China Center’s scholarship programs, community outreach and corporate engagement on a daily basis. In order to better support all colleges and satellite campuses. Read more …