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Dr. Mohammadmahdi (Mahdi) Malmali
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Dr. Mohammadmahdi (Mahdi) Malmali

Dr. Mohammadmahdi (Mahdi) Malmali joined the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at University of Minnesota in 2016, and he serves as a Postdoctoral Associate.

Dr. Malmali has built and operated a research facility that allows his research team (of whom he has been the key active researcher in the last two years) to show the potential for devices that can accomplish the small-scale, distributed, safe manufacture of ammonia from air, water, and renewable energy. His work:

  • Provides new links in the energy network for local energy storage
  • Allows safe transport of hydrogen from renewable energy sources to industry and urban use centers
  • Allows small-scale fertilizer use where it is made
  • Provides liquid fuel in isolated locations that are hard to supply with conventional liquid fuel

Much of his work will be used primarily in developed-nations, while his efforts to make small-scale fertilizer and providing liquid fuel will help those in developing nations and isolated locations (for example, research stations).

Dr. Malmali's works with his faculty advisor (CSE Distinguished Professor Ed Cussler); his co-advisor (Alon McCormick); and several postdoctoral, graduate, and post-baccalaureate researchers.