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Academic Counseling

Studying abroad in a new country and culture can be a very different experience than studying in your home country. Education systems vary, and what makes you successful in one country may not be the same as it is in another country. ISSS Academic Counselors can help support you in understanding the educational system at the University of Minnesota, including what to expect in the classroom, how to set and achieve academic goals, how to get involved on campus, and where to go when you need help.

Academic Counseling Appointments

International students also sometimes experience challenges that impact their coursework and ability to manage their coursework and academics. All international students can make an ISSS Academic Counseling appointment. We can help you manage topics such as:

  • Improving time management and study skills
  • Understanding how to participate in the classroom and professor's expectations
  • Adjusting to the U.S. style of education
  • Managing personal/family concerns
  • Being placed on academic probation/suspension

Academic Probation Appointments

ISSS Academic Counselors meet with all international undergraduate students on academic probation. Academic probation can impact an international student’s visa status, and ISSS Academic Counselors provide useful information and support to students on probation.

ISSS Academic Counselors

The following ISSS Academic Counselors specialize in helping international students with their academics:


Request an Academic Counseling appointment by calling 612-626-7100, emailing, or visiting the ISSS office at 190 Hubert H. Humphrey School.